Harry  Belafonte
Harry  Belafonte

(NEW YORK, NY — MARCH 11, 2019) — For Freedoms — a national collective of artists, institutions, organizations, and people across the country who are experimenting with new and innovative pathways to civic participation — is pleased to present a salon-style, DIY-exhibition situated within their residency at the ICP Museum.

In the aftermath of their fall 2018 50 State Initiative campaign—noted by Time as the largest creative collaboration in our nation’s history—For Freedoms … See more

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    Sankofa has the distinct honor to present Lyrics From Lockdown (LFL) on October 18-20, 2018 at the Kennedy Center as part of a partnership with Sankofa and Q-Tip, the Kennedy Center Artistic Director for Hip Hop Culture. LFL is a critically acclaimed exposé of the ways race, class, power, and privilege shape prisons and policing in America, Lyrics from Lockdown is a story of survival that reveals how the justice system can radically change a young person’s life. In this one-man multimedia production, Bryonn Bain tells his own unbelievable true story by weaving together the voices of more than 40 characters. Each show is followed by a panel and town hall dialogue.
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