I’ve received many Dm’s from people who are at the protests saying that bricks have been planted in the city. Cop cars with graffiti on it were planted before the riots even started. Some people saying that many people are undercover causing violence and provoking others. ⠀

This has me questioning what is happening. When we are in anger and chaos we are much more likely to give up our rights and be distracted. People are sending me info on George Soros and other people who are funding some of these campaigns who have done things like this in the past. The reason I share this is with the intention that we come together and unify with a common goal. ⠀

A unified intention for us as a collective to take our power back and create a world where we don’t allow this to happen. BOTH with ridding racism, hate and injustice AS well as becoming aware of the control and intentions of a deeper level of control that has been keeping humanity in a chaotic level of consciousness. ⠀

We way outnumber the elite and as “conspiracy theory” as this sounds all the evidence is showing that there is more to the story than what we are being told way outnumber the few and the only power “they” (the elite) have power because we go along with the narrative and remain unaware that there is more going on than we can see👁

 ~Aaron Doughty on aarondoughty44  



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