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𝗚𝗿𝗮𝗵𝗮𝗺 𝗪𝗮𝗹𝗸𝗲𝗿,
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𝗚𝗿𝗮𝗵𝗮𝗺 𝗪𝗮𝗹𝗸𝗲𝗿, 𝗠𝗗

#3 of my Rogan-Malone review covers familiar logic; RM highlights theoretical risk while ignoring everything else. This is like going to the beach and worrying about a shark attack when you don't even know how to swim.
We'll cover strokes, the spike protein itself and more.🧵⬇️

Malone talks about strokes and brain fog, frequently referencing the spike protein—and almost exclusively in the context of the vaccines, NOT the actual SARS-CoV-2 virus that is an ACTUAL infective agent, again "just asking questions" about strokes due to vaccine spike proteins. twimg

Now RM may be right here—there is evidence out there that THE VIRUS can weaken the blood-brain barrier (a lining of cells that limits what proteins, medicines, etc can access our brain/central nervous system). But as far as I can tell, it's in rat and Petri dishes, not humans.





Again: this is the virus's spike protein, not vaccine spike protein — and it's been found in mice and the lab so far. twimg

I did find a study where they actually checked the CSF of patients who were comatose presumably from COVID infections, and they found antibodies against the virus in their CSF but no virus.


(Please correct me if I'm missing other data, happy to update)

This is RM's area of expertise: lab science, mouse models of disease, etc. He could wipe the floor with me on this stuff. But I'm just not seeing strong signals of data suggesting widespread strokes from the vaccines, aside from the extremely rare CVST.

(I am also not seeing post-vaccine strokes as an emergency doctor, and I have not heard of my colleagues seeing them either. And I live in arguably the highest-vaccinated city in the United States.) Multiple international studies do not show an uptick in strokes post-vaccination. twimg

France, no ⬆️stroke, heart attacks, lung blood clots

USA, 11M vaccines in 6 people:

UK, 30M people:

Israel, almost 2M people:

I highlight Israel here because in the same interview where Malone quotes Israeli data as more-reliable and higher quality when it comes to his claims about natural immunity, later on he calls out how bad Israel studies are: "the Israeli data set is contaminated." twimg

it's certainly possible that RM likes certain Israeli data and finds other to be trash. That's fine. But he contradicts himself like this so frequently during the interview with broad generalizations, when much of the time he is so detail-oriented and precise in his language.

A segue to prove my point: here's him talking about the dangers of the spike protein. He goes DEEP into receptors and molecular biology and is very specific.

So, let's talk about his "spike protein toxic" stuff, and the Salk Institute paper that he and Rogan reference. twimg

(This has expertly summarized and debunked by many including twitter
, go read his post, I'll summarize) — the Salk Institute put out a paper about the spike protein that was immediately taken as anti-vax danger: sciencebasedmedicine

This is why I'm writing these threads; why I'm frustrated with the interview. I don't think the unvaxx'd are dumb or not intellectually curious. They're not. They've often done some reading and can even cite a paper like this, "The Salk Institute says the spike protein is toxic."

But they read half-truths or only partially understand the vaccine/body/biology.
🚙If your car won't start, you don't think, "I bet it just needs gas." Cars are complex systems with lots of parts: spark plug, timing belt, battery, engine, ignition switch. The body's the same.

And these half-truths and selective information have spread through social media by people like Dr. Robert Malone, and are then amplified by a huge podcast like the Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan used to "Question Everything," what happened?

(I would be remiss if I didn't include this clip of Rogan from the beginning of the pandemic, expressing support for vaccines and rejecting conspiracies. It is such a different person it almost seems Deep Faked or taken out of context.)


If Rogan wants to have guests that say controversial—or even false info—about Formula 1, or Bitcoin, or classical music, or the film industry? Go for it!

But it's hard for me to feel the same way about COVID/vaccines. It's a HIGHLY contagious disease that's killed millions.

At the 2 hour mark (and end of this thread) I can't ignore more partial-information from RM, this time about cancer. He claims that a pathologist is seeing "unusual" cancers. And while here Malone does caution he's not trying to scare people and his data is anecdotal... twimg

There's absolutely no mention from him of clear, international, NON-anecdotal data that the pandemic has caused cancer diagnoses to drop, and more LATE stage cancer diagnoses to rise. I've seen this personally as an ER doctor. jamanetwork


If your hospitals are full of COVID patients, then cancer surgeries, cancer screenings, and cancer treatments get delayed. This leads to more preventable cancer deaths. If you're going to talk about COVID and new cancers as a physician, how can you just leave this out?

Finally, RM claims—without data (please feel free to provide, again happy to read it and respond)—that getting a COVID vaccine increases your short-term risk of getting COVID. (If this was true, we would suspect to see MORE recently-vaccinated patients than unvaccinated!) twimg

There's also numerous confounders at play—and a bit later on Malone even agrees that this is very hard to tease out, giving really good examples of confounding effects. (We also know that vaccinations go up when COVID cases rise; another confounder.) twimg

It's more of the same—RM brings up theoretical-but-plausible T-cell risks while ignoring very real, very obvious, much higher risks.
NB: I am by no means a T-cell or cellular or antibody immunity expert. (Similarly, don't expect Malone to pop in your dislocated shoulder.) twimg

But luckily we do have practicing physician immune system experts: Allergists and Immunologists! Want a rundown on T-cells and vaccines and allergy shots refuting RM? Read Dr. twitter
's thread:


Thanks for reading—and thank you for both encourage and overall quite civil and polite disagreements from people on Twitter. As always I'm happy to be corrected. I'm trying to reply to people where I can but these threads have been bigger than I expected.

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