What you are looking at is a young mother in New York on the subway WITH HER BABY. She was WEARING A MASK, but the NYPD began harassing her for "not wearing it properly. ⁣

Mind you, this is all in the name of "social distancing." In the name of safely staying away from people, they brutalized and traumatized her in front of her baby. All while the NYPD has one of the highest rates of infection in the world. ⁣

I am so livid. ⁣

Let me tell you something @NYCMayor & @NYPDShea - this will be your legacy forever. PERIOD. ⁣

You aren't doing this shit in the Upper East Side. You aren't doing it with ANY white folk, period. ⁣

With white folk, you all are calmly passing out masks and taking selfies. ⁣

But with Black & Brown people, even young mothers with their children, you default to brutality. And when we've called for you to intervene, you've done NOTHING. It's shameful. You are shameful. ⁣

 ~Shaun King shaunking  
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