When meeting new people & they learn I practice yoga I often hear the same response “That’s cool! I wish I could do yoga but I’m not flexible at all” or “Can you do a handstand or that pose where you touch both feet to your head??”. It’s always that reminder to me of what the perception of what yoga is in modern / western society. My account may not always help recognize that yoga is for everyone. I’m the typical fit looking, flexible, pretzel yogi on this world of Instagram. There’s nothing wrong with accounts that show the poses they can do without being personal - it’s our grams, we do what we want with them. This means often showing our strengths. Look up #yoga . You’ll find a lot of handstands & crazy amazing positions that can be pretty damn intimidating if you are new to yoga & thinking about trying it. My page: yeah lots of splits or my other go to poses. I love them for photos because they bring me JOY to do yet ... there is probably a bit of a show off in all of us whether we like to admit it or not 🙊🤣 Now when it comes to my practice with yoga the asanas (poses) are not the most important aspect for me. My splits or headstands that I’m most proud of in my practice. I’m most proud of my pranayama, breath work, practice. This practice has helped me get through some of the worst moments when battling with my chronic pain. Painful / uncomfortable treatments, anxiety, getting through passing some of my kidney stones without pain meds (I admit I feel a bit like a badass for that one 😅😜). In all seriousness I remember moments when my breath was the only thing that was getting me through one moment to the next when I was flaring. I don’t think I would have had that awareness or strength in that area of my yoga practice if I had not begun with a non physical practice from the very beginning. That’s why I like sharing my journey within my captions. I don’t want anyone to feel like they can’t do something due to perceptions made from our little world of squares. You can be in a wheelchair & still be yogi, fucking great one too. The integrated practice you take to heart & into the world is more important than any pose - no matter how badass it looks ✌️💚🌎 @taylor_munholland ...read more