Yesterday I was driving down #Rockville Pike and saw a huge sign that said “Yi Fang Tawain Fruit Tea”

I immediately made a U-Turn and ended up on a glorious tea-adventure.
Yi Fang is an international tea brand and cafe that sells fruit tea, boba tea, lattes, smoothies, snacks and a bunch of other interesting things.

Fruit tea is tea that is sweetened with fresh fruit jams and fresh fruit.

I tried the Yi Fang Fruit Tea which was made with Taiwanese mountain tea (which google informed me was Oolong) and then braised with passion fruit, pineapple, and fresh seasonal fruits (mine had oranges and apples).

I ordered it exactly the way the staff recommended it and it was super refreshing and delicious and after one sip I wished I had ordered a large instead of a medium.

I also ordered the Brown Sugar Pearl Matcha Latte. I love brown sugar and I love matcha so I was super excited.
So the Matcha Latte was super good but I made the fatal mistake of not requesting that they use non-dairy milk and I don’t drink milk so even though it was tasty I had to immediately abort mission LOL

All in all. I loved Yi Fang and I can’t wait to go back and try some more teaaa.
Have you ever seen a Yi-Fang cafe? Have you ever tried Taiwanese Fruit Tea? Have you ever almost died because you accidentally drank half a cup of whole milk in a matcha latte? LOL
Stay health and sip slow


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